Worldwide Music Distribution

We deliver your music to 300+ partners worldwide, from commercial to niche, such as iTunes, Beatport, Spotify, Google Play, Xbox Music, JunoDownload & many more.

Daily Sales & Reporting

Get daily sales from iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, Trackitdown & more, plus monthly reporting from all our retail partners. Monitor stats, send promotional mailers, and calculate artist royalties.

Personalized Approach

We support our clients at every stage of the process, striving to go the extra mile: from mastering and brand development to fine-tuning a marketing plan.

Digital Store Partners

Community of Distributed Record Labels & Artists

Do more with your music

Promotion. We provide marketing services tailored to the needs of artists and record labels from every budget and size to get you the recognition you need.

Mastering. Take your music to the next level. We offer fast and cost-effective song mastering with bulk rates available.

YouTube Monetization. Make money on YouTube every time your music is uploaded by anyone, anywhere!

Licensing. Make your music available for sync placement opportunities in films, TV shows, video games and/or background music in retailers, restaurants and businesses all over the world.

DesignRelease covers, posters, websites and much more. Allow our graphic design department to create a brand that will increase your identity and exposure.

Piracy Protection. Our anti-piracy partnerships will help protect your music from file sharing websites that can hinder sales performance.

Publishing. You have songwriter royalties waiting to be collected. Let us help you obtain what’s rightfully yours.

Merchandise. Offering a comprehensive range of products for today’s record labels and artists, from stickers, flyers, business cards, CD pressing, T-shirts, and more!

Top Level Artists Distributed

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