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We know that being a musician today isn’t easy. So why should we take more from you? Its your music right? Well keep your music and rights! Symphonic Distribution offers a range of affordable, distribution options that fit the needs of today’s producers, artists and bands, without breaking the bank.

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+ these rates per release:

  • 100% of Royalties (Incl. Beatport)
  • No Annual or Maintenance Fees
  • Daily Sales, Reporting and Analytics
  • Deliver your music to 300 Partners
  • Free ISRC & UPC
  • YouTube Monetization
  • Sync licensing for TV, film, & games
  • Customer Service & Guidance
  • 24 Hour Distribution & Processing
  • Free Promo Mailer
  • Publishing Administration
  • Video Distribution
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They say an image is worth a thousand words. Here is a real comparison of how much money you would be spending on distributing your music with some of our competitors. If you were to release a single and a 10 track album a year for the next 5 years, here’s how much you’d be charged to keep all your music up in stores.



CD Baby






















Service Comparison 

Symphonic does a whole lot more than just Digital Distribution. Check out this service comparison to see what we do that perhaps others don’t. Our goal is to give you as many efficient tools and resources as possible under one roof.

CD Duplication
Physical Distribution
Video Distribution
Ring Tone Distribution
100% of Beatport Royalties
Publishing Administration
YouTube Monetization
Real Time Sales
Piracy Protection
Web Services
Design Services
Radio Airplay
Promo Mail Service
PR Partners
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