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Are you an artist or producer that has their music streamable via Pandora? Well, Pandora has launched their new platform AMP (Artist Marketing Platform) that you should not miss out on. With streaming royalties such a concern these days, Pandora is offering this platform as a free resource to musicians to help market their releases.

Other platforms like SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube and many more already have been offering statistics and insights to the music uploaded to their sites, so it was only a matter of time before the ever-popular Pandora stepped up to the plate.

Knowing where your audience is coming from and being able to engage in these listeners creates a big opportunity for musicians and artists. Especially those being on tour and taking advantage of the popular territory feature that is offered through AMP. There has been much controversy on streaming sites offering a legitimate royalty system to musicians so they can live off a reasonable income, and this isn’t necessarily fixing the problem at hand, but instead offering a tool to aid them in this process.

With profits lower than before from music sales, artists are reaching for platforms like this to build as much data as possible from their fan base. Needless-to-say, this could also potentially back-fire on Pandora, as musicians, producers, and artists may start to realize they are not getting paid the proper royalty rate in relationship to the traffic and hits their music is bringing the site. At least they are not hiding anything and offer these numbers to the artists first hand now.

We’re also hoping that this isn’t the end game for improvements to the Pandora platform. Sooner or later, musicians are going to need to be able to link their official websites and social media pages, so they can truly start to benefit from new fans being made through Pandora streaming. Also things like an option for a new fan to opt-in to the band’s email newsletter, could really start to benefit the band who is getting paid mere pennies for their music being streamed online.

Here’s a quick screenshot of the backend platform so you can check it out before you sign up here.


Tim Westergren, Founder of Pandora, had this to say about the launch of AMP:

“With AMP, we hope to make the day in and day out easier for artists by eliminating the guesswork. From finding out what songs are performing well to inform singles or set lists, to mapping where an artist’s fan base is to inform tour schedules, our ultimate goal is to help artists across the spectrum build and maintain their careers.”

We here at Symphonic Distribution are proud to offer music distribution to Pandora, and we are excited to see how this useful tool will progress and mold to the needs of our clients. Stay tuned!

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