Elite Promo is now apart of Symphonic!

More than just a promo mailer! You can now get Distribution and More!

Elite Promo is now apart of Symphonic Distribution! Through Symphonic Distribution, clients are able to not only deliver promo mailers to their fans but, Digitally Distribute their music, monetize legally on YouTube and Soundcloud, get protection from Piracy, and much much more!

For DJs:

We are sorry that the service was shut down. We have to sometimes make tough decisions and this was one of them. We hope that you still support and purchase music from the labels you received promos from and further, if you’d like to use another promo mailer, feel free to create a ticket below and we can recommend.

For Labels Only:

Through March 29, 2017, we can export your list of added DJ’s and Newsletters and deliver them to you. Please create a ticket to request this and provide your Label Name, User and Password so we can provide you the information. Your feedbacks will not be able to be provided.

With Symphonic you get…

● More than just a promo mailer! ●

● Support within 48 hours (excluding weekends and major holidays) ●

● Distribution to more Stores, Streaming Providers than anyone else! More Info

● YouTube and Soundcloud Monetization ●

● Sirius XM Royalties DIRECTLY if your song is played! More Info

● Sync Licensing to TVs, Commercials, and Movies! More Info

● Revenue if your song is remixed! More Info

AND, you also get….

Distribution and more!

  • Deliver to the largest network of stores & streaming partners in the industry
  • Collect neighboring rights royalties your music may be making
  • License your music in TV, film, commercials, video games & more
  • Apply into the YouTube / Soundcloud Monetization program
  • Protect your music from file sharing sites with our piracy protection service
  • Non-exclusive distribution
  • No annual or maintenance fees
  • Free ISRC & UPC per release / track
  • Ringtone & STEMS Distribution
  • Free iTunes pre-order setup
  • Freedom to choose the partners you’d like without us imposing!
  • Import material from your Drop Box, Google Drive, and more
  • 24-hour distribution & processing
Digital Music Distribution, sell your music online, beatport distribution, sell songs, record label distribution
Digital Music Distribution, sell your music online, beatport distribution, sell songs, record label distribution

A FREE Promo Mailer

  • Free promo mailer for all Symphonic clients
  • No additional bandwidth charges
  • Easily schedule when your promo emails go out
  • Track your performance with interactive graphs
  • Upload up to 5,000 contacts for free
  • Get subscriber activity reports
  • Group lists making easy to send people specific campaigns
  • Choose from 10 pre-determined themes or customize your own
  • Ability to subscribe to other labels of Symphonic & vice-versa
  • Real-time download & feedback statistics
  • Optional force feedback before download
  • Bounce mail handling

Custom Marketing Offerings

  • Branding design & direction
  • Album cover, logo & EPK design
  • Video creation, promotion & distribution
  • Custom website design & SEO
  • Terrestrial & Internet radio promotions
  • Custom marketing plans & release suggestions
  • Public relations offerings
  • Merchandise & printing solutions
  • Social media management & analysis
Digital Music Distribution, sell your music online, beatport distribution, sell songs, record label distribution
Digital Music Distribution, sell your music online, beatport distribution, sell songs, record label distribution

A Delivery System

  • Better, faster, with MANY new features
  • Beatport charts & subscriber counts
  • In-depth daily, monthly, quarterly sales, reporting & analytics
  • Daily sales from Beatport, iTunes, Amazon, Juno, & Trackitdown
  • Set expenses to calculate & send professional invoices
  • Free updates and takedowns to stores
  • Create compilations from previous releases
  • Protect your music from illegal file sharing sites
  • Upload to your SoundCloud & YouTube channels
  • Indicate pricing tiers for your releases
  • Beatport charting & subscriber statistics
  • Register & collect publishing & neighboring rights royalties

A Personalized Approach

We understand independent, because we are independent as well.

Our goal is to give you the tools needed to save you time and energy to be able to focus on what really matters; making music and growing your brand!  From design, mastering, fine-tuning a marketing plan, to learning about the industry, we are committed to helping our clients in every step of the way.

Our services include:

  • Dedicated sales team focusing on making sure your content receives maximum exposure in our retail & streaming partners
  • Promotional services along with a network of established agencies that enable you to market across a constantly evolving market while boosting your brand awareness
  • The latest industry tips and tools to increase your reach

And there is more!

● Anti Piracy Through Our Brand Topple Track

● Music and Video Promotion through our brand Noiseporn. ●

● Neighboring Rights, Publishing Administration, Sirius XM, MetaPop, STEMS ●

● And more via our Blog, Social Media, and Support Desk