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We’re excited to announce a launch of a new feature within the Promo Mailer that we feel will help enhance the amount of promos that are viewed but also connect you to other brands and artists that are actively sending promos.

The new “Promo Inbox” allows you to receive promos from clients if your email is on their list but you can now request to be added to a client’s promo list. If you receive a request you can further approve or deny a request. This type of feature will enable you to interact with fellow clients of ours with the hopes of inspiring collaboration and further growth between brands.


Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 10.55.29 AM


Check out the new feature on the Promo Mailer section and expect some unique new features to begin to launch in February, March, and into the remainder of the year that we feel will take our Promo Mailer to the next level and beyond!


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