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We know that being a musician today isn’t easy. So why should anyone take money from you? With Symphonic, you keep your music, royalties, and rights. Our pricing is simple, a $25 sign up fee, and then a rate per each release. If you have up to 5 tracks, then it’s only $10.99. No annual fees to keep the music up, just flat fee based pricing because we want you to be able to earn more from our relationship. Need more info? See how we stack up against Tunecore, DistroKid, and CD Baby! Pricing is for the core product of Distribution, different rates apply for YouTube, Soundcloud, STEMS Distribution and other services.

$25 to Sign Up      

+ Flat Fees Per Release    

  • No Annual Fees per Release(s)
  • 100% of Royalties from DSP’s
  • Spotify, TIDAL, Apple, and more!
  • Daily Sales and Trends
  • Delivery to hundreds of partners
  • Choose the partners you want!
  • Free ISRC’s & UPC’s
  • Free Fan Promo Delivery
  • And much more! Sign Up!
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