Topple Track

One of the cost effective solutions to protect your copyrights

Topple Track is a brand of Symphonic Distribution and aims to protect your music from file sharing websites. With this protection in place, it can help sales performance and prevent others from illegally placing material on blogs and other websites that aim to steal music and sell for their own gain. The service is available to our distributed clients and is as simple as clicking a button after a release has been submitted. In addition if you wish to use the service independently from distribution you can register directly.

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Topple Stats

99% removal rate

90% removed in 24 hours

80%+ of tracks chart from this service

Pricing for Symphonic Clients

$7.99 per release / per month Pricing

$9.99 per release / per month

Boost Sales

Reducing the availability of illegal content boosts sales numbers & visibility of legitimate retailers.


Cost Effective

Topple Track offers effective and affordable link removal that is 75% less expensive than others.


Frequent Charting

To date, 89% of Topple Track protected materials have charted in their respective industries and genre.


We aim to limit the illegal use and trade of music from our distributed clients. In addition, piracy is so rampant that we feel it is important to work with competitors as well as companies not being digitally distributed by us to ensure their rights are protected and content being enjoyed legally. Topple Track is a solution to a problem and Symphonic is proud to represent thousands of rightsholders that use the service to protect their material from illegal sharing, torrents, and pirates.

The fundamental being of the Topple Track system is it’s ability to scalably monitor content. Their technology treats every instance the same, giving each user the confidence their files are being taken care of.

The brand shares a keen understanding of the piracy ecosystem and how it interacts with different verticals of the Internet infrastructure enabling to efficiently seek and remove illegally shared files.

Topple Track has a sophisticated algorithm that will scan anything you wish to protect on a daily basis with you only investing for protection for the release for at least, a period of a month. If you wish to stop the protection on that release, no worries! You just cancel and you won’t be charged nor will protection continue.

With the use of the service, we have connected to Topple Track’s API enabling you to monitor progress through your own dashboard. In addition, you still gain access to Topple Track’s dashboard ensuring that you have a clean, easy to use, one page platform that is easy to use and even allows you to submit additional illegal links and run unique reporting.

Many artists and record labels are not familiar with the process and the motives of online piracy. This can be described in one word: money. When a user uploads a song to Site X, every time that song is downloaded that user earns money through Site X’s affiliate program.

That is not sharing, that is stealing and profiting—a major difference. Topple Track’s ‘repeat offenders’ database grows larger and larger everyday, ensuring that repeat offenders are being monitored.


Protect your tracks right now!