Publishing Administration

Apply to collect all of your music publishing royalties from around the world.

You have royalties waiting to be collected. Let us get them for you.

If your music is being distributed, performed worldwide, and you don’t have a publishing deal, your royalties are sitting in collection societies around the world waiting to be claimed by you. The problem is that in order to collect these royalties, you need direct relationships with each society in each territory.  Doing this takes time, paperwork, and a lot of upfront fees.  Worst of all, if you don’t register in time to collect your royalties, the collection societies will retain the royalties and you will miss out on additional revenue.

Learn more about Publishing Administration

Publishing Administration may be a little complicated. We understand that you are an artist who is busy with gigs, social media management, and a number of other important things. If you’re getting lost in the process, check out the video below (which contains some nifty graphics) and some additional resources we’ve put together to help you out.

Apply to our Publishing Administration Program

Our Publishing Administration service is by application only and doesn’t have automatic sign up. We work this way because we want to ensure we can serve as many artists and record labels as possible quickly, and correctly. Please provide as much detail as you can below for us to consider you being added to our service. Want to know the type of artist or record label we’re looking for? Click here.