Ringtone Creation & Distribution!

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Symphonic Distribution can distribute your ringtones to iTunes!

Why create / distribute ringtones?

In case you didn’t know, we’ve been distributing ringtones for the past two years exclusively on iTunes and working with key partners specializing in the creation of ringtone content. With the enhancements we’ve done, we now feel confident in extending our technology to our entire client base. Ringtones are still a viable venture and a fun way to market a release or single + with the ability to do this in a easy fashion means that our clients don’t have to do too much to create a product.

Where do my ringtones go?

We primarily focus on iTunes as it is the industry leader for ringtones worldwide. You can upload an originally created ringtone or, go ahead and create one from your past releases and have it placed on iTunes!

Create A Ringtone

If you’d like to upload a pre-made ringtone you can do so via the SymphonicMS. Your ringtone must be :29 seconds in order to fit with the iTunes spec. To begin simply click “Create Ringtone” on the menu item and you can begin. The process is very similar to creating a release via the system only that there will be some small limitations since ringtones are different than traditional releases.

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Create Ringtone From Existing Tracks

Since we’ve already distributed your catalogue, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to be able to create a ringtone from this catalogue. Rather than telling you to edit and reupload, we went forth and created an editing tool right on the SymphonicMS! After you submit a release you will see a “Ringtone” app icon. Click that and you’ll be able to select the tracks you wish to create ringtones for and create as many as you’d like at once shot! You choose the start and end time and by default, our system will fade in and fade out of your chosen track.

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