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We deal with many labels, artists, and retailers worldwide. Below, you will find some comments various partners that have been pleased with their service. Every partner we deal with is a vital part of our company. In the past, these partners below, as many have provided us with important feedback that has allowed us to grow and develop new and exciting technology, services, and marketing strategies.


Ben Russel

Mindocracy Recordings

“I have been using Symphonic for close to ten years now. Ever since the addition of YouTube Monetization it has enabled me to sky rocket my label into physical release formats I thought were impossible before. This has been a huge increase of revenue for us and by far, out performs digital downloads in total sales revenue.”



The Splitbreed.

“In the ever changing digital landscape of music its very important, we as artist’s make sure we are monetizing everything. We love Symphonic’s YouTube monetization service because it makes it really easy and simple for artists to make sure they are getting paid everything they deserve.”


Jah Fabio

Riddim Farm Music

“Symphonic Distribution me ah ayudado a llevar mi música a mas lugares del mundo, ha sido el complemento perfecto para vender mis producciones y lograr entrar a la industria moderna de la música, como artista independiente Symphonic es una plataforma importante para nuestro desempeño profesional.”


Aaron Simpson

Simplify Recs.

“Symphonic Distribution has given us a very impressive level of support when dealing with YouTube. They have gone above and beyond what our previous YouTube partner could do.”


Ahmet Sendil

Bosphorus Undeground Recordings

“After signing up for Symphonic Distribution’s YouTube Monetization service, our content was more valued and appreciated. We also saw more followers and received more prestige, all while getting more revenue.Big thanks to our reliable partner Symphonic Distribution for all the opportunities and support. Good business support is priceless.”


David Babijaev

Plenum Records

“There was one very important thing related to music distribution we’ve never realized before we started with Symphonic: YouTube monetization. We were missing revenue in terms of an additional stream for our label and artists. We were so happy to discover Symphonic’s service; we signed up immediately! Symphonic has the best payout percentage in the industry and it’s so simple to monetize your content through their service.”

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Lloyd Starr

Former President, Beatport

“It’s clear that Symphonic cares. It shows in our regular meetings with their team, accurate timely deliveries, and communication professionlism. As one of Beatport’s key distribution partners I recommend Symphonic Distribution”

Digital Music Distribution, sell your music online

Aaron Kessler

Label Manager at Play Me Records

My experience with Symphonic Distribution has been incredible. They are constantly updating and adapting to an ever changing digital music landscape, while providing consistent technical support. The quality of the services offered is impeccable and I recommend them highly.

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OB-ONE of Havocndeed

Founder & Label Head, 119 Sound

Symphonic Distribution makes it very easy for even our small label, 119 Sound, to get music out there to the right retailers and into the hands of all our fans!

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David Revueltas

Label Head, Freshness Records

Estamos muy satisfechos con el trato por parte de Symphonic, nos han ayudado a solventar nuestras dudas con rapidez y profesionalidad. Symphonic Rocks!

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Reid Speid

Founder & Label Head, Play Me Records

Symphonic Distribution has been awesome to work with throughout Play Me’s history. They can be counted on to answer any questions promptly and their backed system makes paying artists a fairly simple and hassle-free procedure. Will continue to refer!

Digital Music Distribution, sell your music online

Michel Moraes

Owner of Vintage Music Label

I am very happy with the work of Symphonic, a wonderful team that has given me all the support, features, and distribution needs that I needed. Thanks for always supporting :)

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Shortee of Faust & Shortee

Label Manager, Heavy Artillery Recordings

It’s so refreshing & exciting to see how involved you guys are in helping the labels be successful. All of your emails, outlines & articles are extremely helpful and are a testament to the quality of your company. Even after all these years in the game, we have learned so much in this short time working with Symphonic So yeah, you could def say we are fans too. ;o)

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Dorian Dioptrics

CEO of Abducted Records

We have been with Symphonic since 2008 and while at times we are still learning the business and trying to figure out the best course of action for our artists and label, Symphonic has been there every step of the way to deal with us to help make it as smooth as possible. From day one, the customer service and help from Symphonic has been fast, polite and very helpful with everything. We’re definitely glad to be part of such an awesome family.

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Dylan James

Founder & Label Head, Betamorph Label Group

“Who is your distro, bro?” I get this question ALL the time and it’s always a pleasure to let them know, “I’m proudly distributed through Symphonic Distribution.” Unwavering and constant, top notch customer support. A superb, easy and comprehensive uploading system that has been adequately described and taught to use (with support if needed). An amazing network of marketing potential at my disposal. The list of sites where my music is sold that is amazingly long (with quality sites) and seems to be increasing with each quarter that passes. Mastering services and artwork, at a fair price and a quick turn around.

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Jesse Brede

Founder & Label Head, Gravitas Recordings

The staff at Symphonic Distribution, in particular, Kaitlyn Raterman, has been helpful with explaining the licensing and publishing side as of late. Janette Berrios, Interactive Marketing Manager, has always been immensely helpful with any and all questions. Jorge Brea has jumped in on issues last minute at nights and weekends. Working as a “services” company can be a thankless job sometimes. Symphonic Distribution goes way above the call of duty.