Tinderbox Music

Promotes your music to College Radio stations nationwide!


College radio runs the gamut of non-commercial radio stations around the country; from small to large watt college stations, medium sized community stations, and huge public stations.  The process for college radio promotions is not rocket science; it merely takes the right processes, experience, relationships, and time to make it work.

Symphonic is proud to consider Tinderbox Music a true partner in the aspect of promoting your music to traditional radio stations. The partnership is invite only after Tinderbox considers your material and separate fees apply but as you will see, this is an effective service to help spread your brand throughout.

After approval of your submission

Tinderbox starts by choosing a “Going for Adds” date.  They then send your radio packages to 250 radio stations that they select. Each package includes a hard copy of the physical product, as well as a copy of your one sheet is digitally distributed to each station.

The partnership begins to work for you

From there, Tinderbox follows up with the radio stations for 8 weeks.  After the first four weeks of tracking they send you a report that will reflect all of the information that they have collected from our tracking calls up until that point.

And the fees?

Tinderbox charges a flat rate of $8 for each station that they service ($6 for their services and $2 to cover the cost of mailing).  To begin, click below to fill out an application to be considered. If accepted, Tinderbox Music will be in touch with the next steps!

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