Video Marketing Services

Make a greater impact on your fans through interactive video production.

From YouTube to Google+ Hangouts to Twitter’s Vine and Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram Video, video is fast becoming an essential part of any artist and record labels’ online marketing strategy. We’ve created some cost effective solutions that will enable you to promote yourself on these fast growing and revolutionizing entities. You can browse through quick previews and if you are interested, you can click on the “Start Now” to begin a potential campaign.

Instagram Promo

starting at $35

  • Connect with your followers (Have them stop, look and listen)
  • Entertain your audience with attention grabbing and dynamic visual
  • Start a #hashtag promotion
  • Add momentum (excitement & playfulness) to your next release or project
  • Unique sneak peak for your track or promotion
  • Bulk Pricing Available


Track Release

starting at $85

  • Promote your new track with a audio visual video.
  • Show off your cover, song and ways to find your music.
  • Customize the look to fit your label release and future track releases.
  • Increase engagement
  • Animation styles convey many useful moods
  • Bulk Pricing Available


Logo Opener

starting at $100

  • Bring your logo to life
  • Animation adds momentum (Excitement & Playfulness) to your brand
  • Have your audience spend more time with your logo/brand
  • Engage your audience: Connect with them (Have them stop, look and listen)
  • Custom and personalize graphic motion


Promo Flyer

starting at $150

  • Maximize your event promotion for your next release party, event and more!
  • Promote in a unique and interactive way
  • Add momentum & excitement to your event
  • Increase engagement & interaction
  • Animation styles convey many useful moods


Lyric Video

starting at $425

  • Custom, personalized lyrics that will convey a mood and pace
  • Lyric videos (Animation) are more popular than regular videos
  • Animation is consumed more & more on mobile devices
  • From simple ballads to rapping battles
  • Engage your audience: Connect with them (Have them stop, look and listen)
  • * Allow for 3-5 weeks production and delivery time
  • ** Production Rushes available for $50 additional fee


Lyric Video Samples

from recent lyric video clients

Instagram Samples

A few Instagram promos from clients