YouTube Music Key Integrated!

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We’re happy to announce that we have integrated YouTube’s “Music Key” platform. Clients of Symphonic Distribution will now see “YouTube Music Key” in their “Partners” list. For more information on YouTube Music Key click here and/or read and watch the video below!

YouTube Music Key is the paid service we’ve been hearing about, and has launched as a beta today in the US (plus Spain, Italy, Portugal, Finland and the UK). The service costs $10 (or £10/10€) a month, and gives you ad-free playback, the ability to listen in the background (essential for mobile users), offline music , endless playlists (like Spotify song-based radio stations) and — most significantly — access to the entire Google Play Music library. In short, one subscription gets you in to both of Google’s large music platforms (video and audio).

An update to the Play Music app will soon let you watch the official video for a song without having to break out to YouTube, and recommendations will now be based on your listening habits across both platforms (so be careful who uses devices where you’re logged-in to YouTube!). This also means you’ll be able to listen/watch via compatible services (like Sonos), and stream over Chromecast — so it’s going to be fairly versatile.

In case you want to know more about the platform, our good friends over at CNET have done a pretty detailed and at the same time, simple review of the platform with some examples of what you would see as a consumer. To view this review and its accompanying samples, click here!

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