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Release Date: ??
Label: Nomark
Genre: Electronic / Ambient / Chill Out
Focus: “On A Hilltop Sat the Moon”, “Vipers Follow You”, “Fooling Alright”, “Velvet Owl”

Marketing Tactics

  • Implement listening tools – Tubular, Chartmetric, etc. to identify and target audience for campaigns
  • Leverage artist narrative as successful sync composer, Pitchfork darling, and status as a key figure in the rise of Drum & Bass genre
  • Reddit AMA
  • The Parliament – fan group + street team activation across socials
  • Fooling Alright” Music Video
  • 4/23/19: Sold out Pitchblack Playback  listening events in London and New York SOHO House
  • 5/15/19: Initiated NACC radio campaign Co-sign


  • Lead singles featured on 4 prominent Spotify playlists including Virtual Reality and Lava Lamp
  • “On A Hilltop” top track and cover of Exospheres playlist
  • 740k streams accumulated across 3 month album campaign
  • 2500% social and DSP engagement across 3 month album campaign
  • ITUNES CHARTS: #1 USA, #2 France, #3 Canada, #4 UK #7           Germany
  • BANDCAMP CHARTS: #1 Electronic , #2 Platform
  • NACC RADIO #1 Electronic , Most Added

Playlist Pickup


“Vipers Follow You”

Lava Lamp

“On a Hilltop Sat the Moon”

Virtual Reality

“On a Hilltop Sat the Moon”

Features & Store Placements


#2 New Albums (Electronic)


New Music


New Releases


New Releases


New Music


#2 New Release (Electronic)


New Music Now, New Electronic Now, Electronic Experiments

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