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About Faderpro

FaderPro is a virtual music education platform focused on the world of electronic music. Their unique platform puts students inside the studio next to leading artists and producers through high-definition video lessons designed to help aspiring beginners and seasoned veterans advance their skills and achieve their musical dreams.

Direct Access To The Best Artists

Courses are taught by the most relevant instructors in the industry. Ranging from successful artists giving students direct access to specific techniques behind their biggest records, to the behind-the-scenes studio producers and engineers responsible for crafting some of today’s most recognizable hits!

Interactive Courses In HD

FaderPro’s video courses give aspiring musicians and producers lessons in the techniques of modern music production through an engaging and interactive virtual in-studio learning experience. Each course is streamed in high quality, on-demand video directly to student’s homes and studios, so everyone can learn at their own pace. Everything from artist insights to them working right alongside you in the studio, FaderPro brings a whole new level to the production and mastering game.

Watch Symphonic On FaderPro

Symphonic is proud to partner with FaderPro and bring you a course that provides you with key essentials to know once you have mastered the production game. After you’ve learned from the best with FaderPro, understand the history of Digital Downloads, How Digital Distribution Works, Neighboring Rights, YouTube Monetization, and much much more in this extensive course aimed to help a new and/or established music producer.

This course and partnership was a very important focus of Symphonic Distribution. Throughout the years we’ve always striven to educate our clients on what to do, and what not to do in the industry and this amazing partnership with FaderPro now allows us to provide you with a unique perspective on various important aspects of the music industry all of which are aimed to help you get ahead!

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