YouTube Optimization

Increase your video's potential and visibility

We will analyze your overall brand, content, and KPI’s based on your YouTube channel, and social media presence to develop a custom strategy that fits your needs and increases the visibility of your videos.

Branding Optimization

We’ll create visual elements for your channel to create a consistent brand that your audience will identify. These can include graphic design asset such as banners, thumbnails, and watermarks (additional costs may apply)

Increase Searchability

We’ll enhance your channel’s search and discovery potential on YouTube using metadata, collaborations, captions and promotions. (Additional costs may apply for promotions)

Channel Strategy

A regular publishing schedule can draw viewers back to your channel to watch more. We’ll give you recommendations on content types you can be creating along with tips to help fans easily find more of what they like on your channel.

Earn more money from your Channel

Get the scoop on how monetization works on YouTube and ways you can make money on your videos.


Receive a customized end-of-service report with key metrics and performance on what is driving revenue, views and subscribers after optimization has been complete.

Get a personalized quote and get your videos to get discovered!